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Keep It pHresh Bundle For Men

Keep It pHresh Bundle For Men

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Clean your pene inside and out with our Keep It pHresh Bundle! Multiple sex partners, processed foods, drugs, alcohol, not drinking enough water, medications, unhealthy weight, synthetic soap, and condoms can cause less than desirable, uninviting odors in your love stick. Although men can't get bacterial vaginosis, they can carry the bacteria that causes BV in their penis and urethra (pee hole). Keep It pHresh Bundle is formulated with herbs and oils that may support detoxing the penis of bacteria that can be transferred to your partner, balancing your pH, and creating a pleasant smell and taste. Care for HER by taking care of YOU! 

1 Month Supply Berried Treasure Detox Tea

1 Month Supply Throw That D! Virility Capsules 

4 Ounce Summer Balls Wash (Cit On It) or Tap Out Penis Wash

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